Introducing David Ross - Supercoach Founder

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Hi, and thankyou for taking the time to find out more about SuperCoach. Almost 25 years ago, I started a career as a Chartered Accountant. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with 1000's of great businesses, from struggling start ups to successful million dollar companies.

I don't believe in spruiking hype like "6-7 figures!"...I prefer to be realistic. You want success for your business, great, but let's drop the BS and coach to you to real world achievable targets.

Having never been the stereotype "Brown Cardigan" Accountant, the beginnings of SuperCoach started around 1995, and I have been working with businesses like yours now for over 2 decades, helping increase profitability and cashflow, and working together with owners to achieve solutions to their issues, whether that be creating a valuable business for wealth or retirement or simply getting them on track to create more life, sometimes the most valuable result of all.

Why do I work as a Business Coach?

It's as simple as one word..ACHIEVE. I work with business people like yourself to help you ACHIEVE, whatever that may mean to you.

I am often asked, what makes a great Business Coach. My answer?....A coach who understands how the game is played. At SuperCoach we have created a structured yet flexible model which allows us to use our knowledge of the game to help you ACHIEVE as the player.

Take time to look at our 6 Superpowers to business success and connect with us for a no obligation Discovery Session.

Until we Speak...and I hope we do soon...Enjoy playing the game